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Our company ‘Grower Technology’ evolved out of another company ‘Growing Success Ltd (GSL)’ in 2006.  GSL was a 100% consultancy business focusing mainly on Alan McLean’s experience and knowledge in Floriculture – Callas (Zantedeschia) in particular.

Alan has worked in Horticulture since 1984 and in that time spent over 20 years closely involved with every aspect of Calla business – growing, marketing, export, breeding and running a business.  With ‘Growing Success’ he was able to pass on this intensive knowledge to growers and floriculture businesses in New Zealand and places around the world – Indonesia, Costa Rica, Chile, Kenya, Holland, Italy, Japan, Venezuela, Colombia etc.

In the following 10 years this service has expanded to other Floriculture crops, NFT production of lettuce, herbs, nursery production, and protected vegetable production.

The evolution to ‘Grower Technology’ added a trading arm and more expertise to the team.  The Ethos of the company is that wealth of technical knowledge is packaged into the purchase of goods as technical backup.  Grower Technology supplies goods and services that optimise.

Tissue Culture

Through half a lifetime of Industry contacts Grower Technology can supply top quality Tissue Culture at excellent prices from a range of different labs, with their respective different skills and strengths.

We specialise in Calla (Zantedeschia), also cordyline, orchid, lilium and other crops as required

·         Multiplication of open, non protected varieties.

·         New Varieties selected ??, to mass multiplication of protected varieties in secure facilities.