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Hi-Tech Potting mix

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This product was added to our catalog on Friday, 28 June 2013
Potting Mix 50L
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This exciting new range of growing media made specifically for your crop .  Each mix contains mix of top quality CAN Bark Fines and selected grades of Coir, Apex fertilizers and buffering.  Quality service and customised solutions especially for Bay of Plenty and Waikato

· Hi Tech Native Mix

· Hi Tech Herb Mix

· Hi Tech Palm Mix

· Hi Tech growing mix designed specifically for your crop and conditions


What we use in Hi Tech  nursery media:

· Primarily coir grades from Pelemix in Sri Lanka

· Top quality Composted bark fines

· Proven performance of Apex Fertilizers

· Physical additives for specific applications



We can develop our Hi Tech blends to suit your:

· Climate

· Growing environment

· Management systems

· Crop

· Watering and Fertigation schemes



We can provide and take into consideration specific criteria:

Many crops require specific proportion or levels of nutrient and physical properties.  With our field consultants of many years experience,  Hi Tech growing media can achieve this degree of control.  Hi Tech growing media designed especially for your growing conditions.


Options for Supply;

· GTL Truck can deliver 6M


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