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Mr Coco

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This product was added to our catalog on Monday, 08 July 2013
Mr Coco Brick
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Mr Coco Brick, contains fine coir which is ideal for seedlings Coir is 100% Coconut Fibre. It is a sustainable resource that has come about as a by product of the coconut manufacture. It is use by commercial growers world wide because of its excellent growing properties. So While Coir looks different from the bark based mixes we are used to, it has excellent properties that makes coir ideal as a mulch or potting mix. ¨ Absorbs and holds water really well ¨ Fibres give air space for drainage and oxygen for healthy root growth ¨ Has ability to transfer nutrient efficiently to roots from any nutrient receptor sites on granules. ¨ Has ideal natural pH for growing around pH 6. ¨ Its very light, soft and clean making it easy to work with


 ¨ 650grams dehydrated, compressed    

      brick expands to  8-9 Litres Potting Mix

¨ Bricks wrapped in good quality clear
      plastic, with clear instructions on use


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